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Golden Nuggets: No Leader in QB Battle...

Good morning everyone, James here, reporting for duty, coming at you with your August 8th 6th edition of your Golden NUggets. What a run on sentence that was. Any way, as far as news goes I'm not sure at all what we have considering I've spent most of today trying to repair my installation of Windows and considering deleting the whole XP partition altogether. So I'll make a bit of a prediction: WR Michael Crabtree was not signed, somebody came back from an injury, somebody got injured and um... some receiver or another did exceptionally well or something like that, as per the last few days. I think I covered--so on with the links. Enjoy.

Barrows has some insights on the Michael Crabtree situation, namely why Crabby's agent is calling for more money. (

Manuksy has pretty much free reign on the defense--Singletary has made it clear what he wants, and they're on the same page it seems. (

QB Alex Smith seems to be pushing Shaun Hill for the starting job, still... I'm favoring hill based on this training camp. (

DL Ricky Jean-Francois was activated from the NFI list yesterday. (

Here's a recap of yesterday's training camp from Maiocco. (

Notes from the fifth day of camp. (

The 49ers place huge value on their special teams play. I've always been satisfied with it, myself. (

A bit about the position battle going on at RT between Marvel Smith and Adam Snyder. (

A look at a few of the players who are a bit under the radar at training camp. (

Maiocco has a few thoughts on the QB situation, as well as the Crabtree situation. Too many situations if you ask me. (

Mike Singletary says yesterday was perhaps their best practice thus far, which I suppose is a good sign. (

More links after the jump..

Lynch also has some QB insights. (

The 49ers seem to have the strongest receiving corps they've had in years. Not including Michael Crabtree, huh..? (

An article that seems to talk about the Crabtree situation, but I couldn't continue reading it on the grounds that the man writing it seemed like he didn't have half a clue what the [site decorum] he was talking about. (

So are you buying into Singletary? I suppose I am. (

Barrows reports on Sinlgetary being satisfied with yesterday's practice, and has a few notes from camp. (

We're looking to Manny Lawson to improve our pass rushing. I think he can do it, personally, but I'm a bit biased in his favor. (

Instead of linking elsewhere, you can find Mike Singletary's post-practice press conferance in this post from Fooch. (

Or a video here from the official website. (