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The other Eugene Parker client reportedly agrees to deal

FOOCH'S NOTE 3:35pm: Welcome to all the folks coming over from the Yahoo Sports article on the Crabtree/Parker shenanigans.  Feel free to explore the site.  If you want to join in our discussion, registration is free and easy (link down at the bottom of the page).  If you have any questions, leave a comment, or email me at

The National Football Post is reporting that defensive end Tyson Jackson, the #3 pick in the draft, has come to terms with the Kansas City Chiefs.  So apparently Eugene Parker does know how to agree to a deal.

This could be important in locking in what the slot deal would be for Michael Crabtree.  Why?  Well, I had seen some discussion around (will try and find link) that Aaron Curry was holding off until Jackson came to a deal.  That would likely set more and more dominoes falling through the rest of the top 9, possibly even Aaron Maybin.  I'd imagine things might start happening in the next day or so with the other top 9 picks.  Crabtree obviously is a bit of a special circumstance.

Also, for those who get ESPNNews and will be around a tv, I think Matt Maiocco will be on at 5:15pm pacific.  He posted a status update on Facebook that seemed to indicate that, but also might mean Eugene Parker or Tyson Jackson would be on at 5:15.  I'm leaning towards it being Maiocco.