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Golden Nuggets: He's Not Gonna Do It..

Gooood morning folks, James here with your Nuggets for the day. Today is AUGUST 7TH.. Sorry for the typo on the previous article, and wouldn't you know it--I did it all day, on several websites and posts. Don't know why, but I guess I have something against August 6th. Who knows? I'm sure most of you don't even know what I'm talking about, but what you probably can tell is that I'm successfully dragging this intro on so I can wrap it around the picture and look more complete, so hah! Anyway, for real, all I know of is the whole Crabtree nonsense about willing to enter the 2010 draft, my thoughts on that are "Not going to happen," and if he's serious "Be my guest." It wont happen, and that's a fact. Anyway, here's some links for you.

Everyone seems to be talking about the Michael Crabtree situation. Well, everybody except the 49ers. (

The quarterbacks (Shaun Hill and Alex Smith) feel much more comfortable in Raye's offense as opposed to the offense of Mike Martz. (

So.. is Crabtree willing to sit out the 2009 season? I don't think so. He'll lose a lot more money than he thinks. It's a bluff, easily. (

The QB competition still seems too close to call, and will probably remain so until the third preseason game. I say we bring back Just Touchdowns, what does everybody else think?! (

I like how the articles contradict--this article claims the Crabtree situation has turned nightmarish, whereas if you look at the first article... Hm.. (

Maiocco recaps the 10th practice of training camp. (

Brandon Jones went down with a shoulder injury and the team conducted some two minute drills yesterday. Of note in the article, or at least the only thing I got from reading it was "Mark Roman sucks." That is all. (

Transcripts of Shaun Hill and Alex Smith when they met with the press. (

Here's another recap of the practice yesterday, noting the fight which of course, included Vernon Davis... Who seemed to get beat. Hah. (

20 Questions with TE Delanie Walker. (

There were some NFL referees at yesterday's practice to make sure everyone understood the new rule changes. Some of which I don't agree with. (

Not 49ers news, but hey, the new UFL schedule was released. Awesome. (

The 49ers could get by without Crabtree. I believe this as well. Still, would be nice to have that pick.. (

Here's Singletary's Notebook from the 5th. (

Singletary is not concerned with the injuries sustained in camp thus far. (