Official NN Michael Crabtree Holdout FanPost

Fooch's Update 8/31: Some folks think Crabtree will sign by shortly before the beginning of the season, so I thought I'd update the time stamp on this to get it back up to the top. Could folks rec this who haven't done so. I actually want to see if it'll bump it back into the Rec'd section at the top.

Given the flood of Michael Crabtree FanPosts that is slowly developing, I agree with howtheyscored in one of the many FanPosts: It's time for an official Crabtree FanPost. We've done this for a collection of site graphics (I re-opened the comments on that)the offensive coordinator search earlier this year, the draft, user mock drafts, and even a Jay Cutler trade block thread.

Given how prominent the topic is (and will remain), the easiest option is to consolidate everything here. I'll leave the other FanPosts open for now, but let's try and focus the conversation in here. If it gets up to 500 or so comments I'll create a second one. I'd imagine if this drags into the season this FanPost will definitely fill up. In the meantime, feel free to defend Crabtree, criticize Crabtree, wax poetically about the whole situation, really whatever you want out of this. I'll mix in links here when I get time.

Also, feel free to Rec this so it stays up top. If not I'll just update the time to keep it near the top.

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