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Golden Nuggets: Hall of Fame weekend

For those that didn't know, this weekend is Hall of Fame weekend.  For the 2009 season, it means the first preseason game later tonight at 5pm pacific time.  For historical purposes yesterday was a big day as the various new Hall of Famers were inducted.  Among those inducted included Bills owner Ralph Wilson, DE Bruce Smith, LB Derrick Thomas, WR Bob Hayes, DB Rod Woodson, and OG Randall McDaniel.  The first few links are Hall of Fame-related.  After that we move in to 49ers info.

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For this weekend, Canton is South Buffalo ( AFC East Blog)

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49ers Blog and Q&A: Both quarterbacks solid in p.m. practice (Barrows)

Frank Gore on Vernon Davis: ‘It’s time to be a man’ (SJ Mercury News)

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After the jump, a whole bunch more links...

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