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Golden Nuggets: A link bonanza

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I was going through to take care of the links today and for some reason there were just a whole ton of links for your enjoyment.  It's a mix of discussion about the team's performance to date, some random news, and even an absurd one or two.  One of the links includes the 49ers among the "impressive" teams so far.  It points to some downers, but the fact that they would include the 49ers among successful teams is a bit odd.  I realize they're 3-0, but anybody who's watched them would know that the #1s haven't exactly been awe inspiring.  Maybe that's just proof that the guy hasn't watched much of them.

Singletary-mindedness: winning (

49ERS / 3 games, 3 wins, now what? (

Crabtree hurting himself more than 49ers by holding out (

49ers, Packers, Saints are impressive; Browns, Raiders ... not so much (

49ers linebacker Brooks has surgery (Yahoo! Sports)

Singletary wraps up first camp with 49ers (Yahoo! Sports)

Observations from 49ers' exhibition game (Sando -

49ers camp review: Downer or success? (Sando -

Video: What's next for Crabtree, 49ers (Sando -

Weighing photographic evidence in NFC West (Sando -

NFC West snapshot with six moves to go (Sando -

Making the case for a 49ers roster spot (49ers Examiner)

49ers Blog and Q&A: Crabtree to appear tomorrow ... on tv (Barrows)

49ers Blog and Q&A: Brooks out two to three weeks (Barrows)

Does Singletary regret his draft-day praise for Crabtree? (Maiocco)

49ers notes: 'Camp Singletary' comes to a conclusion (Maiocco)

Singletary cuts back on the workload (Maiocco)

Davis would be fourth option (Maiocco)

49ers Baas returns from torn plantar fascia; Brooks out 2-3 weeks | 49ers Hot Read (SJ Mercury News)

49ers draft pick Crabtree to appear in ESPN2 show | 49ers Hot Read (SJ Mercury News)

Camp Spotlight: Joe Nedney (

49ers Announce Candlestick Upgrades (

Singletary's Notebook: Aug. 31 (

Spikes appreciated every minute of camp (

The Wrap Up: Cowboys (

San Francisco 49ers 2009 Season Preview (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Old School Success (49ers Webzone)

The Quarterback Battle is Over, and the Running Backs Won (49ers Webzone)

Reaching the top of the hill (49ers Webzone)

Blackout blues? NFL ticket sales slumping in some cities (USA Today)

Michael Crabtree needs to get a deal with 49ers done now (

N.F.L. Fast Forward - With No. 1 Quarterbacks Chosen, Teams Wrestle With Backup Plans (

Options Market Gives Sports Teams An Exciting New Way To Rip You Off (Deadspin)