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Mark Roman and the 49ers strong safety position

One of the big injury issues that hasn't been discussed all that much is Michael Lewis's two concussions in eleven days.  If this was one of the QBs I guarantee you there would be an uproar about it.  Lewis sustained a concussion in practice against the Raiders, and then received another on Saturday against the Cowboys.  Barrows has a bit of an update on it:

I spoke briefly with Michael Lewis' agent this morning. Rodney Williams said that Lewis did not receive a serious blow Saturday against the Cowboys, he never lost consciousness and that holding him out of the game was more of a precautionary measure considering that Lewis had had a concussion 11 days earlier in a scrimmage against the Raiders.

Concussions are a serious issue and I bring it up now to spark some discussion about Mark Roman as a potential strong safety option if Lewis's situation gets more serious at some point this season.  We all realize Mark Roman's days as a starting free safety in this league are long gone.  However, is it possible he could provide some relief at the strong safety position alongside Reggie Smith

The team is likely going to start Roman on Friday against the Chargers so it seems like they're more confident in him than Smith at this point in the season, although that could certainly change very quickly.  As a guy who doesn't provide a lot of big turnovers, could he maybe be more ideal for a run support role as the strong safety?  Strong safety does have a role in the passing game, but our man Michael Lewis has made his bones in the run support aspect of the position.  With a potential ballhawk like Dashon Goldson at free safety, is it possible Roman could see more success, and thus a slight extension of his NFL career as a free safety?

His Scout's Inc profile (Insider protected) certainly doesn't help this argument:

He has adequate foot quickness to pedal and drive, but doesn't show explosiveness or the willingness to take chances. In run support, he isn't overly physical.

Is it possible if he was looking to actually focus more on this than the "center-fielder" aspects of the free safety role, that he might see more success?  Reggie Smith would seem to be the long term answer, but is Roman a decent short-term answer if Michael Lewis can't stay healthy?