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Golden Nuggets: Helloooo, regular season!

The season officially starts today, and I'm pumped. Unfortunately, I'm not big on these defensive match-ups and I'm wishing more and more it was Sunday so I could see and understand REALLY what kind of team the 49ers are fielding this season. I'm optimistic for the opener against Arizona, but then again I'm generally always optimistic for that game and look where it got me last season: nowhere. Still, it doesn't hurt to have a little bit of hope for your team, no? Moving on, I should have a good bit of links for you today, judging from the looks of it a lot of things came up yesterday after I'd already posted the Nuggets that I never got around to updating (sorry about that) so I'll get onto that right now. One last thing, I'm noticing a lot of new folks here as the season begins so let me just welcome all the newcomers! That is the nicest you'll see me all season. On to links...

The 49ers filled up their vacant practice squad spot, signing a guard and bringing the total up to its max, eight. (

Eddie D is set to be honored in week two at halftime against the Seattle Seahawks. (

The offense seems to be ready for Arizona, ready to start the season. (

Speaking of that offense, here's a breakdown/opinion on it by position from someone who I can only imagine is both incredibly intelligent and devilishly handsome. (

Here's some more analysis by position, focusing mainly on the quarterbacks, or more namely, Shaun Hill. (

Starting SS Michael Lewis will be playing in the opener on Sunday despite having suffered two concussions in a very short time. I wonder if I can find a prop bet on when the third will occur... (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

Ahh, the season is getting closer and well, excitement is in the air! (

The team returned to work yesterday after a good four days off. (

CB Dre' Bly is just rolling with the punches after failing to beat Shawntae Spencer for the starting right CB job. (

Here's a few choice words for Michael Crabtree. (

The team is ready to get physical. I guess this is good as opposed to uh... getting.. metaphysical? (

So what's new with the Michael Crabtree situation? Absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. (

Well, that's not strictly true. Crabtree was out catching some throws from former 49ers quarterback Trent Dilfer. (

What about a trade for Michael Crabtree come next season? Do you think it'd be better for the team to try and get, as Maiocco says, three draft picks for him? (

Is Crabtree considering changing agents? I'm not sure what their "sources" are but it seems I'm getting ready for another season of being completely and utterly frustrated with the fact that certain sites with a certain word in their names never seem to have actual news, but more so fall back on... well, fake sources. I mean, they've been right before, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was 99% guesswork.  (