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Golden Nuggets: Not a bad opener... needs more Niners.

Well, the season started with a pretty good game. It was very watchable, and I'm definitely excited for this weekend. Another thing I'm very excited for is this is the first year we have the NFL Sunday Ticket, and just going to the channels and seeing all the games upcoming... so awesome, I can't believe I've went this long without it. To be able to never watch a commercial again.. Joyous day. As far as the 49ers are concerned, I didn't keep up with much today but looking around it seems I have a good amount of articles for you. So without further ado (first person to tell me it's adieu is getting the smacketh down) here's some links.

Do you think we've done enough this offseason to be an improved team? I mean, we failed to upgrade at key positions and yet we're supposed to remain optimistic? I'm not sure how I feel at the moment. (

QB Shaun Hill takes a look at the road game at Arizona last season. You remember the one, right? Yeaah.. (

The 49ers defense isn't ready to crown the Cardinals' offense. Good, I'm not either. (

Shaun Hill is preparing to be the starter at the beginning of the season--a career first. (

Just because I can, and since the Nuggets were screwy yesterday in the time-of-posting area, I'm going to link to my breakdown of the 49ers' offense once again. (

Crazy things do indeed happen when the 49ers meet the Cardinals. Should be a good game. (

Wish I could get a tour of the new 49ers' lounge... (

A slight look at Jimmy Raye's game plan. No, it isn't detailed, if it was, we may as well just fax it right over to the Cardinals. (

A look at Michael Lewis and his knack for slamming his head into things. (

Who will go... ... boo hoo in the end.. 49ers, or Crabtree? It hurt me a lot to type that. (

The 49ers' game plan and philosophy seem to be driving away talent, a la Kurt Warner. How about Crabtree? (

So apparently TE Vernon Davis has emerged as a.. leader? I really, at this point, hope the other players don't emulate him. Can you just see 11 unsportsmanlike conduct calls on one play when every single player removes their helmet and subsequently whines, gets yelled at and banished to the showers? (

CB Shawntae Spencer is a little bit surprised himself that he won the starting job over Dre' Bly. (

Here's a bit of a 49ers 2009 preview, though I get the feeling this fan is slightly delusional in his expectations for Alex Smith. It is a very well written piece but I think he needs to stop believing in this kid that is simply done as a 49er. (49ersFancast)

Samuel Lam takes a look at the 49ers' season, and namely three key players that need to perform well for the team to come out on top and make the playoffs. (