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Kickoff to 2009 season: It really is like Christmas...

FOOCH'S NOTE: Our 49ers-Cardinals game-day thread is up.

As is the case with the beginning of every football season, I was especially excited yesterday thinking about today's kickoff to the 2009 season.  It was like the night before Christmas thinking of what goodies might await us the next day.  We get some early games to tide us over, before the main event at 1:15 today.  For today, go ahead and use this as an open thread for the morning games.  We'll have an open thread later for the 49ers game.

This year, the NFL has brought along a couple goodies for us to enjoy all season long.  The first is something that's existed since last season: NFL Game Rewind.  For $50 you can get online access to the telecast of every game from 2008 and 2009.  I've got access to that this year so I definitely want to take advantage of that as much as possible.  I'll be watching every game and I'll record them on my DVR each week.  However, my DVR does not have unlimited recording capabilities, so having access to all 16 games will definitely help in providing analysis down the road.

The second little goody is new for those of us that don't have DirecTV: the NFL RedZone Channel.  The RedZone Channel will basically take viewers from game to game showing the important moments down around the goal-line.  For fantasy purposes that is huge, given the value of touchdowns in fantasy leagues.

However, more impressive to me is the new NFL RedZone re-cutter.  The re-cutter will basically allow you to remix some of your favorite highlights.  What's even better?  They then provide you with the necessary html code to embed the highlights on websites.  For the purposes of Niners Nation, I'm going to spend a lot of time playing around with this to provide the site with some quality highlights.  And for those of you who become skilled with the re-cutter, put your highlight reels together and post them as FanShots (there's an option to embed video in FanShots).

After the jump, I've posted some video giving a rundown on the re-cutter...