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Golden Nuggets: Game Day!

Well, it's gameday, and I couldn't be more excited. Though I am feeling a bit uneasy. Number one, because everyone is expecting such a good game--I just don't want to get my hopes up and be disappointed. Number two, Adam Schefter replied to my post on Twitter about Michael Crabtree and told me it was pretty much a zero chance Crabtree ever signs with the team. Yaaaay. Anyway, still, today SHOULD be a good game, I'm not sure who I'm feeling will win but hey, it should answer a lot of questions for the team. I'll get right to your links...

As I said earlier, these games are generally good until the last snap. Or bad, maybe, thinking back to last season. (

Not even necessarily good things, just crazy things. (

Something to ponder considering our coaching staff and lack of changes personnel wise. (

A quick look at today's game, a preview of sorts. (

Singletary returns to a scene of confusion, last seasons Monday night loss to the Cardinals. (

Many questions loom about the 49ers--we're hoping they'll be answered tonight. (

We seem to have a lot of the same personnel... but a lot more mystery. I honestly have no idea how good we'll be. Or bad. (

So do you think that other teams should be investigated for tampering in the Crabtree situation? (

Isn't it odd that neither QB Shaun Hill nor HB Frank Gore were named team captains? (