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San Francisco 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals: 2nd half thread

Th_cardinals_icon_medium @ 49ers_logo_medium

We move into the second half with yet another game-day thread.  Over 1,200 comments so far in a game that has been both incredibly ugly and incredibly exciting.  The defense has surprised most of us with a very impressive effort.  Most notably, the pass rush has been as good as we have seen in several years.  The Cardinals might have found a way around it with the screen and shovel passes, so we'll see how the second half goes in that regard.

The 49ers get the ball to start the second half, so hopefully we'll have some momentum from the scoring drive in the second quarter.  Josh Morgan had a big first down catch, while Isaac Bruce had a monstrous 51-yard reception, setting up Gore's touchdown run.  The Cardinals have keyed in on the run game, and they're starting to get a lot of pressure on Hill.  I'd like to see some screen passes to Gore and Vernon Davis to slow down that pass rush.  Get the ball in those guys hands in space and they can make things happen.  I think the winner of this game will come down to who makes adjustments on offense the quickest.  Let's hope Jimmy Raye makes some adjustments and is not asleep at the wheel.

There is still a LOT of football to be played, and as a one possession game, we are far from finished.  The 49ers and Cardinals play a lot of exciting games and this appears to be heading towards a wild finish.