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Golden Nuggets: Beautiful For Us

It's the day after the first game of the season, and I've got a little bit better of an idea what kind of team we'll be fielding this season. Needless to say, regardless of how we performed, I'm walking tall today with a bit of a grin. I've got a few friends who are Cardinals fans and I've heard nothing for past few months other than smack talk about Larry Fitzgerald, I'm happy I've got a reason to shut 'em up now. Still, while there were some things to take away from this in a positive light, there were still some things to take negatively. For instance, our running game was abysmal. I mean, it's good to see that the pass will get the job done when the team needs it, but really? Uninspired at best. Still, here's some links for you.

That's right, baby! 49ers start the season 1-0. (

So how big was this win for the team? I mean, it was a win on the road.. against division rivals.. who also just happened to be the conference champions. Should be big, right? (

The team did seem to have some sort of semblance of a pass rush. Intriguing, no? (

Here's some general notes from the game. (

How would you grade the Niners' performance? Well guess what?! You don't have to, somebody already did! ....Yeah, I really have no clue why I just said it like that. (

So I was thinking, "Hey, why link away for a game recap? We do alright here." So read this and be happy with it. Well, Ok, I'll include some more after, but still, here's the post-game recap from Fooch. (

Here's a bit of an evaluation of Mike Singletary in his first regular season game as the 49ers head coach. (

Singletary says it best.. He saw plenty of beauty in yesterday's victory. (

How about we peek in to our resident Cardinals blog and take a look at this.. play-by-play/recap/live blog type thing from someone who is too inebriated... or perhaps not inebriated enough. (

Always better than any recap... A link to Matt Barrows' live blog. (

We've started Panther Watch here at Niners Nation! So long as Delhomme keeps playing like he loves us, we should be in good shape for next season's draft. (

I'm hesitant to post this article, considering I've never liked a single thing this guy has posted, but here you go regardless. Run-mad Singletary is in denial. (

Some more notes and a recap of the game yesterday. (

Even more notes, more quotes, and another recap. Can never get too many of these. (

Here's a link to the game center, can see a few notes and all the stats. (

Samuel Lam has his recap as well. (

I was going to link this favorably but now let me say "Screw you ESPN, I hope your site crashes" for automatically playing that video. Oh and, it's a recap or something. (

Some more post-game reactions/notes. (49ersFancast)

A pretty good recap here, which makes the good point: "Crabtree Not Missed." I guess he isn't, still wouldn't hurt to have him though, ya know? (

Still going with the recaps, getting a bit out of the norm here as far as usual sites. (

And to close, the drive-by-drive recap from the Chronicle for the first half and the second half. (