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Michael Crabtree non-update: Believe Nothing

While we have our second official Michael Crabtree FanPost, once in a while I'll open up a front page post when something jumps to mind that I think needs to be fleshed out a bit more. Now that the season has begun and Michael Crabtree has not signed on the dotted line, we've passed a major point in the timeline. Many folks thought he would sign by the first game of the season, whether it be because of the money, or because it's some psychological point in time.

Since that has not happened, it's probably a safe bet to put your seat back and get comfortable because this wouldn't appear to be ending anytime soon.

The point of this post though is to look at the assortment of information/misinformation being spread by all parties involved. Adam Schefter reported yesterday that multiple league sources told him Crabtree is likely to sit out the entire season. Throw in Deion Sanders and Eric Davis saying similar things and that certainly would not seem to bode well for the 49ers.

As is the case quite often, that is not the whole story. Jay Glazer reported on Fox yesterday that there are mixed signals and "some" believe Crabtree is getting himself ready to play. One might point to the Trent Dilfer story (Crabtree working with Dilfer instead of a throwing machine). Also, and what I think is the biggest factor, is that Crabtree is supposedly residing in the South Bay. If he was intent on sitting out the year, I have a feeling he would be back in Texas.

The point of all this? We really can't believe anything that is reported at this point. Michael Crabtree has not said a word, and until he says or does something, everybody is pushing an angle. That's one reason I do consider the residing in the South Bay a little more valuable than hearing what Prime Time has to say. That is one of those actions that speaks louder than words.

Does this mean I think Crabtree is going to sign? Of course not. Nothing about this situation is easy to read because we have so many people getting involved. Going back to the "cousin/adviser" this thing has been a soap opera. And soap operas often have surprise twists along the way. We'll see what twist this one brings.