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Caption This! Reg. Season Week 1 Style

You know what feels great? Mondays after a win. Instead of sulking around, getting [site decorum] from all my "friends" such as "Ahh, Niners lost again? At least you're used to it!" and "Wow those Niners are bad, why do you still root for them?" I get to strut around, wearing my brand-new Frank Gore jersey, happy as hell that my team (along with 1/2 of the NFL) is UNDEFEATED! Who cares about money-grubbing WRs and depressing stuff like that? 1-0 Baby!!

Let's continue this celebration juuuuust a little bit longer, because it's about time to focus completely on the Seattle Sea[site decorum]s. And to, more or less, close out this weekend of celebration, why not put a nice visual bow on top of this present with a brand new Caption This!

I know I put an old Caption This up with no voting round, but it wasn't that good of a picture anyways. THIS one, now this is a gem... To give everyone a little bit of background, that is Frank Gore and Chilo Rachal celebrating the go-ahead touchdown in the 4th quarter. A bit of different rules for the regular season, post your best caption for the photo above in the comments, then go back and Rec your favorite comments. Those with the most Rec's will make the final voting round. Cut-off for final voting will be tomorrow at midnight (pacific). Winner, as always, gets supreme internet kudos, but these kudos actually count, since it's the regular season (sorry all you old Caption This! winners)

So, Nation, for the first time this regular season... CAPTION THIS!