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Golden Nuggets: Thinkin' thats a "no" on Crabtree.

Week one is officially under wraps and wouldn't you know it, it was a genuinely great week of football. Not just for the 49ers and their victory, I just enjoyed every game I watched. I mean, I was disappointed that the Raiders played decent but it was still a good game. Did anyone else feel the entire Buffalo Bills fan base cry out "Not agaaain!" collectively? I sure did. Still, what about the 49ers? I have a couple links for you, though not as much as yesterday. (Totally had a ton yesterday--not one thanks. Pfft.) Some (kind of) news about Michael Crabtree, some more recaps and notes from the game and yeah.. That's about it. Anyway, here's your links.

The 49ers have begun reducing their offer to WR Michael Crabtree. Will this make him sign? No, I doubt it. I personally don't care either. I'm sick of talk about this kid. (

Veteran CB Walt Harris says he wants to return next season. While not expressly stating he wishes to stay with the Niners, he plans to finish his rehab in Santa Clara.  (

Singletary hits rewind on the win at Arizona with some transcripts and some notes from the game. (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

The Wrap Up with Eric Davis, a recap of Sunday's game at Arizona. (

The team definitely will need more from their run game. As I said yesterday, it was borderline abysmal. I expect much more from Frank Gore and much more from the run blockers. (

We got our tails kicked up front. At least, that's what Singletary said. I'd use different wording, personally--but then again I'm not talking to the media. If I were to say it, it'd be something along the lines of [entire quote removed for site decorum.] (

This line put's it nicely: 49ers' 2009 offense: Stubborn, phyical, uncreative... and 1-0. (

How about some fake news? Crabtree is getting nervous. (