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Mining your way to fantasy gold - Don't Ready Anything Into It Week 2 Edition

For those participating in Niners Nation 1 on Flea Flicker, I start this week's edition with a shout out to the highest scoring team from week 1.  Pardon me as I've forgotten who the team is owned by their Niners Nation ID, but "Don't Read Anything Into" gave us all a reason to investigate further.  Poor performances by Larry Johnson, Dallas Clark, and Anquan Boldin were overshadowed by an overpowering performance by Drew Brees and Philadelphia Team DEF.  The team totalled 124.1 points to take league bragging rights for week one, and a clear message has been sent to the league:  "Don't Read, Watch, Watch Very Closely".  Honourable mention goes to team Goodfellas for scoring 123.5 points, slightly behind our leader.  On to other matters...

I'd like to take this opportunity to announce my fantasy mailbag,  This is an opportunity to send me a message, chirping me about my previews, analysis and general comments regarding fantasy football.  You can also message me about fantasy advice even though Shlecko despises the thought of relying on someone's else brain for fantasy lineup adjustments.  I'm also up for receiving advice and suggestions on how I can make this column better, and a little name calling never does any harm.  If you decide to email me, please include your NN ID, as your content could be used in upcoming columns, and I'd like to give props where props is due.  Ok, now that that's out of the way, how about I get to some add/drops for week 2?


Ahmad Bradshaw RB NYG - Bradshaw's week 1 totals really won't jump out at you (71 total yards, 15 touches), but it is a sign of things to come.  Bradshaw looks to be the Giants go-to-back to spell big ol' Brandon Jacobs, and Ahmad's 15 touches in week one against Washington is promising.  It won't be a wise move to start Bradshaw this weekend @ Dallas, but he'll prove to be a valuable acquistion if Jacobs gets knicked up, or in favourable match-ups (see week 3 @ TB; week 4 @ KC; week 5 vs. OAK).

Trent Edwards QB BUF - Edwards' week 1 totals will jump out at you, he passed for 212 yards and 2 TDs against New England, with no turnovers and 25 yards rushing.  The Buffalo QB will make an excellent back-up to your fantasy #1, especially considering Terrell Owens and Lee Evans didn't get many catches in Week 1.  When the offense gets clicking, and Owens and Evans get involved, Edwards could be a borderline fantasy QB1 at some point in 2009.  Upcoming games:  Week 2 vs. TB; Week 3 vs. NO; Week 4 @ MIA; Week 5 vs. CLE.

Patrick Crayton WR DAL - According to some opinions, Crayton has emerged as Tony Romo's #1 deep threat now that T.O. is out of town.  In week 1, Crayton had a strong performance @ TB, catching 4 passes for 135 yards and a TD.  Crayton has gone from borderline WR3, to reliable WR3 on most fantasy teams, so if he's a free agent in your league, snatch him up.  Depending on the depth of your league, these players may or may not be available.  In a very competitive, serious 10-man league I'm participating, all three are free agents (for those wondering where I'm getting these guys from). 

After the jump, I get into players you should consider dropping in order to acquire the players above...


Jake Delhomme QB CAR - I have the misfortune of owning Delhomme in NN1 with FleaFlicker, so I'll be tempted to drop Jake like a bad habit in the very near future.  If you are an owner of Delhomme and Edwards is a free agent, please consider making the acquisiton.  In Week 1, Delhomme threw 4 INTs, bringing his total up to 9 in his previous two games (5 INTs vs. ARI in the NFC Divisional Playoffs).  Aside from Edwards, there should be some other good QBs on the waiver wire that you can scoop up.

Ted Ginn WR MIA - Davone Bess was clearly the Dolphins go-to possession receiver in Week 1, catching 7 passes for 57 yards.  Ginn was held in check, catching just 2 passes for 26 yards to go along with 9 yards rushing on 2 attempts.  While Ginn may be used a little more often in the future, it's not a good sign to see Ginn get so few touches against a team like Atlanta (whose defense is apparently "weak").  Miami doesn't have a very promising 4-week forecast, here's there sked:  Week 2 vs. IND; Week 3 @ SD; Week 4 vs. BUF; Week 5 vs. NYJ.

Sammy Morris RB NE - Morris sat out Week 1 vs. BUF with a finger injury.  In his absence, Fred Taylor scored a TD, Laurence Maroney was effective on his few touches (41 total yards, 12 touches), and Kevin Faulk had a heck of a day receiving (ok, it wasn't that great, 6 catches for 51 yards).  There just doesn't appear to be many touches for Morris when he returns to New England's rotation, and if he's on your roster, it's time to move on.  Michael Bush is a sneaky acquisition if Bradshaw isn't available, as he ran for 55 yards and a 1 TD as McFadden's "spell". 

That wraps it up for this edition of MYWFG, and remember to send your comments to for roster suggestions, trade proposals, and any fantasy football related.  Suggestions or comments of any kind are appreciated, and keep in mind your messages may be used in future editions (in other words, try to keep it [site decorum] free.