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Golden Nuggets: Blessing in Disguise?

Well gooood morning everyone, James here fresh from my day off and ready to give you some linkage. Was absent for my Nugget duties yesterday due to needing sleep early and waking up busy. Had a bit of a trip but now I'm back. So how about Niners news? Well, I don't have any idea what I'm going to be linking to today but it seems I have a good amount of them regardless. Just skimming it seems we've got a bit about Vernon Davis, some stuff about Justin Smith and news nothing new about Micheal Crabtree. So with that, why don't I get right to them?

Do you think the Vernon Davis penalty last season, in which he was sent to the locker room a blessing in disguise? I certainly hope so. (

Davis seems to remember that day quite well, in fact. It was against the Seahawks. (

Another holdout this season, Aaron Curry of the Seahawks said he put all his faith in his agent. (

Defensive end Justin Smith missed practice, but isn't considered to be serious. (

The 49ers are getting ready for their first GPS game of the season. That is to say, the first game in which the team can measure how they stack up in the division. (

Some notes and a semi-recap of the upcoming game versus Seattle. I'm pumped, I'll be at the game. It'll be my first time at the 'Stick in the regular season, can you believe that? I'm still semi-worried about not getting there early enough to do some tailgating, how early should I get to the game? (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

The 49ers focus? The ground game. 49ers are a stubborn bunch, it seems. (