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"49ers WR" Michael Crabtree asks ESPN's Dr. Lou for advice???

Thanks to briandean for posting this as a FanShot.  I wanted to move it up but also open it up for a bit more discussion.  ESPN has a feature called Dr. Lou in which famous people (usually athletes) ask Lou Holtz questions and he provides answer.  This week's is particularly provocative here at Niners Nation.  About halfway through this video, Michael Crabtree asks Dr. Lou for advice on how players should deal with agents.

If you're Eugene Parker, do you want your unsigned client doing this?  Can anything good come of this for Parker?  After all, Crabtree has really made no specific public comments about the situation, and this seems to come rather close to addressing the issue.  Any thoughts on why Crabtree would do this?  Just when we think we've got a handle on the situation, we get another bizarre and random twist!