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Golden Nuggets: In His Shoes?

Morning everyone, James here. I'm in a bit of a hurry this time, so I apologize in advance if I miss any links (which like, never happens, of course) though I'll do my best to get the bigger sites up. Still, right off the bat I see quite a few articles concerning a certain first round pick that I DON'T want to hear about any longer. Sadly, I have to keep writing about him if he keeps doing.. well.. doing nothing, I suppose. Anyway, I'll get right to the links so I can get to my business.

The coaching staff have been praising Justin Smith lately. Rightfully, too. (

Eddie D is going to be honored by the 49ers this weekend. (

Could you put yourself in Michael Crabtree's shoes? Could you? I still hate hearing about him. (

Here's a pretty good article that I've only skimmed over about sorting out the Michael Crabtree situation. (

More on Justin Smith. This guy is awesome. (

How about some advice for Crabtree? From a guy who held out an entire season.. Yeah, I hope he doesn't catch that article. (

Shawntae Spencer is no longer an afterthought, he seems to be the starter for a long while unless he screws it up. (

By all rights, the defense should have an easier time with Seattle than they did with Arizona right? Either way, they'll continue to look for another solid game. (

There now officially seems to be a competition at starting right tackle. My bet is on Pashos by week four. (

Lynch at the Chronicle responds to some questions from his readers. (

Haralson deserved his bonus. I hope so, I want to see good things from him this season. (