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Apparently I'm "so dumb"

Last night I posted the video of Michael Crabtree asking Dr. Lou for advice about his agent situation.  I did not see it live and it turns out the question had been pre-recorded from before the draft.  As the young kids like to say, "My bad."

While that proved to be a bit of a waste, it did lead to one hidden gem.  The site's traffic checker can tell me where people are linking to NN articles.  So, when another site links to us, I like to see udner what context the link is listed.  Once in a while somebody at the messageboard will put up a link for discussion of one of our articles.  Earlier today, somebody posted a link to the Dr. Lou post with the following comment:

Niners Nation is so dumb. They talk about it like it was a legit question shot live on TV. How should we break it to them? They got SERVED!

I realize there is not much to be gained by this comment, and I probably shouldn't provide any free publicity to these kind of comments.  But I have to say, I've never been SERVED before.  I think my life is complete now.  Anyways, I just felt this was something worth sharing with the NN community.  We can enjoy our idiocy together.