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Golden Nuggets: Feels Good to Have Eddie D in the News..

G'morning everyone, James here with your Nuggets. I'm a little anxious presently, I'm excited to be attending the game tomorrow but at the same time I don't want my first regular season game at the 'Stick to be a loss. The Seahawks should give the Niners a rough time, the team will need to play great defense and shut down Seattle's receivers. I don't see the Niners' pass rush doing a whole lot to pressure Hasselbeck unless they hit him hard and take him out of the game. If he get's enough time, consider the 49ers burned. Either way, it should be a good game, I'm interested to see if the 49ers can get a running game going. Funny how a few weeks ago I expected to be saying " see if the 49ers can get a passing game going." Or is it too early to call them both abysmal? I'll have a more in depth take on the game tomorrow morning, until then, here's some links for you.

Eddie D was recently inducted into the 49ers Hall of Fame--the first member. There will be a ceremony at half time in tomorrow's game. (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson was fined 10k for his hit on Vernon Davis in the game last week. (

WR Josh Morgan has a new section at the official website: Josh's Journal. (

The team does indeed need another good day from Justin Smith--he's definitely the best player on the defensive line and a serious threat. If he does well, the team does well. (

Teams Talk, in this edition it's Joe Nedney talking about the game tomorrow against the 'Hawks. (

I do wonder exactly where Michael Crabtree would land in the 2010 draft. I'm pretty sure he's a better prospect skill-wise than the "big three" at this time, but I just can't see him going sooner than ten. (

Are the 49ers making strides to get DeBartolo in the pro football hall of fame? It sure would be nice. (

Coach Singletary says every game is important, every single game should be treated as such. (

Games against Seattle could possibly be significant for Vernon Davis--last season he got benched, and seems to be making a turnaround. Could tomorrow's game be his breakout game? I'm seriously hoping so. (

For an early preview-type article, why not check out the game center from the NFL's website? (