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Golden Nuggets: In Davis We...Will Eventually Trust?

Good morning folks, James here with your Nuggets for the day. Sorry for my brief two-day absence but there were some personal issues. Plus, I decided that Fooch didn't pay me enough. Now that we've decided it's three bags of gummy worms, I'm back and ready to provide you some linkage. The regular season is fast approaching and the news isn't necessarily plentiful but there's a good amount of links. Of note today is that we released veteran QB Damon Huard, which, while expected, I didn't see it coming that fast. I suppose we wanted to give him a chance to sign with another team. Either way, he's some links for you.

The team cut QB Damon Huard today--rookie Nate Davis is now slotted to be the third string QB behind Shaun Hill and Alex Smith. (

A little bit about the readiness of Nate Davis and how he's progressing learning the offense. (

Nate Davis and ... Mark Roman earned MVP honors for last week's game at Dallas. (

Maiocco has a nice looking projection for the final 53-man roster, not sure I'm completely  sold on it however. (

The starting offensive line is now intact with Adam Snyder and David Baas returning from injuries. (

Offensive Coordinator Jimmy Raye is envisioning a 60/40 ratio of running to passing this season. I'm not quite sure we'll make the ratio, but I'm thinking we'll get close. (

So should we be worried about our cornerback situation? No, I don't mean on the left side with Tarell Brown and Dre' Bly--I mean on the right side with Nate Clements. I'm hoping he plays much better in the regular season than he did in the preseason. (

Got some more links after the jump...

Here's a gem of a quote from Nate Clements about Larry Fitzgerald. Clements is possibly one of my least favorite players on the team, but I wont get into that right now. (

Singletary pushed the 49ers to their limit in training camp. The team suffered a few bumps and bruises, lets hope it prepared them for the regular season. (

The 49ers (that's the team we're fans of, for you slow folks) are leading the preseason in rushing right now. Awesome. (

Road to the Roster: Joe Jon Finley. I gotta say, I'm liking him more and more, but I like the potential of Bear Pascoe.. Or maybe I like the name of Bear Pascoe. I'm not sure which it is. (

Here's a look at some of the injuries the team is recovering from and suffering from. (

Jimmy Raye is very pleased so far with QB Nate Davis. Now if only another Davis on our team could produce... (

Does Mike Singletary regret the praise he gave WR Michael Crabtree on draft day? (

So what are we going to do with our offensive line, or more clearly our right tackle position? I'm unsure but here's a few options. (

So what is going to happen at the WR position? I really am at a loss at who is going to win a roster spot. I'm a huge Dominique Zeigler fan, and I'd love it for him to make the team. But right now I'm thinking WR Micheal Spurlock has more to offer this team. (

Takeo Spikes appreciated every minute of training camp. Somebody's a suuuuck up. (