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Golden Nuggets: Game Day!

Good morning folks, man I am pumped! Today had better be a good day. Last night my favorite fighter won at UFC 103, one of my favorite players took the US Open just a few days ago and man, it'd be great if the 49ers spanked the Seahawks in the home opener. Yes, I said spanked, big deal, wanna fight about it? Anyway, It'd be a shame if we lost, not necessarily a lost season but it sure would be nice to have step up on the whole division, no? I also like how yesterday I called our running game abysmal and somebody gave me a remark about having no faith, which irked me just enough for me to not respond to it. Really, after last week can anyone claim it isn't? I didn't say it'd be bad against the 'Hawks, ya know. I think somebody is taking my sarcasm a bit too seriously. But anyway--I may as well just get to your links for the day. So here it goes

The ground game definitely does need to improve for the Niners to win today. It is integral. (

Why not take a look at our opponents, the Seattle Seahawks. (

Here's the NFL Game Center for today's matchup. (

At least seven "executives" for other NFL teams are completely against teams getting compensation for draft picks that holdout and never sign with the team. (

Some notes from Maiocco as well as a short preview in a "what to look for" format. (

Rodney Harrison calls 'em like he sees 'em; and he sees an idiot. (

Jerry Rice leads the list of hall of fame nominees for next year. As he should. (

WR Brandon Jones is unlikely to play today, he's just not up to game speed. (

The Seahawks could be without two of their best linebackers today--good news for us, eh? (

The Niners will be sticking to the run, despite having a poor showing at Arizona last week. (

Here's some more notes and a short preview for the game, another what to look for article. (