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Morning Thread: Jerry Rice and an impressive Hall of Fame class

The 49ers headline the afternoon games again, meaning we get to enjoy some more quality morning football.  I have to say I'm especially curious to see how the Cardinals do with the dreaded East Coast early start at Jacksonville.  The Jaguars are not exactly a quality team, so will the start time still cause trouble?  I realize it's an early start, but if the Cardinals can't win in Jacksonville, they could be in for a loooooong season.

If you're not watching much morning football, there's still plenty out there.  I didn't post it yesterday, but it's worth noting that the NFL announced 131 potential nominees for the 2010 Hall of Fame class.  The Hall will cut to 25 semifinalists by November 27, and then down to 15 finalists by January 17.  Why is it important?  Well, a certain Jerry Lee Rice, a.k.a G.O.A.T. is among the nominees.

The 2010 class could make for a rather impressive entry class.  Aside from Rice, Emmitt Smith, Tim Brown and Chris Carter are on the ballot this year.  Alongside Rice, Smith seems a lock, as do Brown and Carter.  One player that intrigues me is Herschel Walker.  He could be a very good measure for our man Roger Craig.  Walker sits one spot ahead of Craig in rushing yards, while Craig sits one spot ahead of Walker for total yards from scrimmage.  I don't think Walker will get in on this ballot, but it could tell us how close Roger Craig might be to getting a spot in Canton.  Any thoughts on the potential upcoming Hall of Fame class?