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Golden Nuggets: Crown 'Em!

Where is your God Frog now, Seattle? Couldn't resist, to be honest. Anyway, moving on, the 49ers did indeed win and they move on to 2-0. But not just any ol' 2-0, but also 2-0 within the division. As always we saw a lot of good things happen with our Niners but well, quite a few bad things as well. To tell the truth, the list of bad things seems to be getting smaller and smaller these days, the game at Arizona was ugly but this one seemed to have been pretty on the money for what we're looking for from the 49ers offense and defense. So enjoy the win, 49ers fans, a much bigger test comes next week in Minnesota. Should be a good one. How about some links?

It may be a bit too early to call it, but yesterday certainly looked like a return to 2006 form for Frank Gore. (

The 49ers are staking a claim in the NFC West, lets hope it continues. (

Here's a good recap from the official website. (

And here's some post-game notes along with a mini-recap. (

Couldn't catch the game? Next best thing is Barrows' live blog, in my opinion. (

Hey, why not link to our recap? We're an intelligent bunch here. Fooch didn't even have to tell me to this time! (

The team isn't satisfied with 2-0. There is always room for improvement. I love this attitude, Takeo Spikes posted on his Twitter earlier about the first thing he heard about going into the locker room was what they did wrong. I'm glad to see them looking to get better. (

Patrick Willis says his hit on Seahawk's QB Matt Hasselbeck was legal. (

The same hit which made Hasselbeck leave the game with a rib injury, that is. (

Another good recap/note source, this one from Samuel Lam. (

A look at our resident Seahawks blog's recap of the game. I'm not too happy with the fact that they place so much value on guys who really wouldn't have mattered, either way--a good win for us and a bad loss for them. (

Jerry Rice says Michael Crabtree needs to sign. I totally agree. (

More recaps, good stuff as always. (

Here's some notes from the game. (

Eddie D was cheered at the 'Stick. I should know, I was there, cheering along with my fellow fans. (

I hope you're tuning in here at NN for Panther Watch 2009! (

Just because I can, another recap, this one from Sando over at ESPN. (

The NFL Game Center has some post-game notes, a bit of a wrap-up sort of deal. (

Frank Gore is in some good company--one of two running backs to rush for two touchdowns of at least 79 yards in one game. (

To close, once again a look at the Chronicles analysis/live blog of the first half and the second half. (