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Caption This: Reg Season Week 2

Well... Let's see if I can follow THAT up...

Describe to me a mid-September day that could get better. Exclusive interview with NN from Steve Young, after our second division win in a row, and I go 3-0 in pay fantasy leagues? Very nice! Thank you 49ers, now I can be less facetious when I celebrate the fact that we are UNDEFEATED! I hope you are all still pleased with the performance this Sunday, and while there are still some obvious areas that need improvement, we finally look like a team out there. Now that is something I haven't seen since the Wild-Card victory over the Giants during the Mooch era.

I do have one small thing to get to before the captioning. In my most recent Focus On article, I dropped the following line:

Now, I'm not saying I want to see Matt Hasselbeck injured, but IF Patrick Willis were to break his jaw, I wouldn't be disappointed in the lack of new Hasselbeck commercials.

Of course, I'm not arrogant enough to believe that my comment caused Willis to injure Hass's back, but I was not-at-all pleased to see the Seattle QB unable to finish the game. It doesn't show as much to have a victory against a team at 80% capacity vs completely healthy. I feel your pain (so to speak) Seattle fans, and I truly hope Matty-Boy gets back on the field ASAP - a healthy Hasslebeck makes your team, and thereby the NFC West as a whole, a-lot tougher.

Aaaaand moving on to happier news, the best way to put a nice little bow on top of this back-to-back-victory-celebration is a CaptionThis, right? The photo above is of the split second prior to Dashon Goldson's interception, with "Slippery" Nate Burleson reaching out in agony, and "Lock-down" Nate Clements doing the coverage on Burleson (BTW - How good was Clements this weekend? It seemed like he was in on every other play the defense made). See the replay here to get a good idea of how bang-bang the play was, and how dirty this picture really is.

I've decided this thing needs a competitive element installed, so I'm keeping tally of the regular season Caption This winners. Winner gets the title of most creative mother [site decorum]er at Niners Nation. howtheyscored is in the regular-season lead with last weeks victory, being as is last week was the first regular season Caption This. Let's see if he makes another witty caption for the picture above, or if someone else steps up... Remember the rules, post your best caption for the photo above in the comments, then go back and Rec your favorite comments. Those with the most Rec's will make the final voting round. Cut-off for final voting will be tomorrow at midnight (pacific). Winner, as always, gets supreme internet kudos, but these kudos actually count, since it's the regular season.

So, Nation, for the second, victorious time this regular season... CAPTION THIS!