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Golden Nuggets: Well I'd love to play them, too!

Hey there everyone, James here with another edition of your Golden Nuggets. Apologies for yesterday, I did it mostly in haste the night before while rather tired--today I'll try and find just about everything there is to find. I believe I will. How about that Monday Night Football game? Was a pretty good watch though I only caught the second half. The big news today in 49er-land (or yesterday, rather) is the tampering allegations from the 49ers against the New York Jets. Should be interesting to see how this unfolds, I'm all for them getting penalized hugely if they contacted Crabtree in any way--it's just something you don't do. It's unfair and I hope if the allegations are true the team is compensated in some fashion. I'll shutup now and get right to the links. Enjoy.

As stated, the 49ers accused the Jets of tampering with WR Michael Crabtree and possibly interfering with current negotiations to get the 10th-overall pick signed. (

HB Frank Gore says his ankle is fine. Good news, I don't want the team to go into Minnesota without its best offensive weapon--it'd be a disaster. (

Coach Mike Singletary isn't happy with 2-0, he wants 3-0 and beyond. Great mentality. (

I didn't get a chance to watch this myself, but Matt Maiocco and the Press Democrat team put together a video recap of Sunday's game against the Seahawks. (

Patrick Willis vs Adrian Peterson... Man, I can't wait for the matchup. I do know, however, that every time that ball goes to 28 I'm going to be flinching. (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

Coach Sing wants the team to rely on the offensive line and the defense--not the quarterback. (

Singletary hits rewind on the 49ers' victory over Seattle. (

The defense is establishing its identity--finally, under Mike Nolan I couldn't figure out exactly what was expected of most of our players. What exact position did Manny Lawson play? What scheme did we run? It's good to know what we've got, or at least have a much clearer idea. (

Is it even meant to be? The 49ers and Michael Crabtree? Should the team give up on the kid? (

The door is still wide open for WR Michael Crabtree--previously Singletary said he could relate to the kid. But now? Not so much. (

He doesn't have much to say on the tampering issue, Mike Singletary, that is. He says the league will handle it internally. (

The Wrap Up: Seattle Seahawks, the weekly column from Eric Davis at the official website. (

Here's more on Michael Crabtree and the 49ers. (

Lynch takes a very close look at one of Frank Gore's touchdown runs. Pretty good read, actually. (

WR Michael Crabtree could possibly be losing leverage with the 49ers as the team moves to 2-0. (

Maiocco goes through his player-by-player review based on the performances in Sunday's game. (

At first I questioned Jimmy Raye and Singletary's devotion to the run, but after Sunday I'm feeling a bit better about the decision since it definitely paid off. (

Here's a uh.. review of the game Sunday, with a really..weird rating system. (

Mike Sando freshens up on the NFL's tampering policy and passes the knowledge onto his readers. (

In case you were wondering, that hit from Patrick Willis on Seahawks' QB Matt Hasselbeck at the very least a fractured rib but likely to be a broken rib, and his status for week three is uncertain. That's Hasselbeck, not Willis. (

The 49ers next opponents, the Minnesota Vikings control their own destiny--but so do the 49ers. (

Here's a recap of Sunday's game from a source I must have missed yesterday. (

Hm.. how about another random recap I found? Why not? (

Aha.. I'm trying to be classy you know? Which is why I'm glad these are someone else's words, not mine. (

Once again, it was ugly--but at the same time beautiful. Singletary loved it, and so did I. It is worth noting however, that it was a bit less ugly this time around. (

So what could be worse than "pulling a Crabtree?" (

This has absolutely nothing to do with the 49ers and I may just be out of line when I say this but... lol Eric Mangini. (

Nobody at our resident Jets blog seems to think that the allegations of tampering will amount to anything. (