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Golden Nuggets: Liking the Mike Singletary image..

Hey everyone, James here. I'm now not even thinking about the win over Seattle, now I'm completely on the fence about this Sunday's game. I'm trying to have faith in my Niners, and actually, at my highest point I'm thinking the team can pull it off. That, if the 49ers play a perfect game, they can get by the Vikings and be 3-0 to start the season. And not to insult the Rams TOO much but that's almost guaranteed a 4-0 start to the season and a 3-0 start in the NFC West. Wouldn't that be something? Anyway, I have a good bit of links for you today. One other thing though, I have a small personal favor to ask of those of you who read these, if you get a chance check out the link at the end of the Nuggets after the jump for details. Anyway, enjoy.

HB Frank Gore was named NFC Offensive Player of the Week--pretty cool. (

Here's Sunday's game at a glance--or in other words, a couple quick notes before the big previews kick in. (

It is indeed because of Deion's mouth that the 49ers are filing tampering charges. Am I the only one here who honestly enjoyed watching Deion on NFL Total Access up until that Crabtree segment? (

Maiocco posts the rules on the tampering policy in the NFL. (

True grit, indeed. The 49ers are being molded into Mike Singletary's image... I've got no problem with that. Could you imagine eleven pairs of those eyes all staring down an offense at once? Jesus Christ I'm scaring myself. (

Here's an early preview of Sundays game from the official website. (

How exactly did Shaun Hill perform on Sunday? Here's a look at his stats and how he played. (

Will the 49ers have to rely on the arm of Shaun Hill as opposed to the legs of Frank Gore? The Vikings have a pretty strong run defense.. (

Kevin Lynch also takes a look at Frank Gore's second touchdown run, taking a pretty in depth look at it. (

Frank Gore was nominated for the Fed Ex ground player of the week. (

QB Shaun Hill is a game manager.. and seems to be a pretty good one, at that. (

Just because I can, I have some notes on the numbers so far for the 49ers. (

The tampering charge (obviously) limits Crabtree's moves. (

Gore is looking ahead to the Vikings game--it should be a good one. (

That's all I've got for you, but as for my favor--basically, it goes like this. There's this "One in a Million" contest with Slap Magazine for skaters. Out of all the country ten people are picked based on video submissions and then between those ten, the three that gets the most votes on the site are picked to be flown out to San Francisco to compete in this contest to get sponsored and a few other awesome goodies--basically a skaters dream. My boy Adam Wersky was one of three people picked from the Modesto/Ceres area (which is pretty amazing) which is where I live and it'd be PRETTY AWESOME if you follow this link One In A Million Contest Voting, and click on "Adam Wersky" and vote for him. If you do this for me, I'll love ya forever! (Hey, watch the videos if you want--you'll still want to vote Wersky after since he's clearly the best!)