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49ers-Vikings: Fox might not actually care about this matchup

Yesterday afternoon I received the game release for this game from the 49ers.  Every game release includes some of the various announcing teams involved, including the main television crew.  This week the 49ers get the #5 crew of Sam Rosen and Tim Ryan.  Now I realize these guys are all professionals, but really?  I'm not asking for the #1 crew each week and in fact, I don't mind not having Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

At the same time, I view having the higher announcing crews as a bit of a measure of respect.  For example, this week, the Seahawks and Bears get the #3 Fox announcing crew of Dick Stockton and Charles Davis.  Can somebody tell me why a battle of 1-1 teams, one of whom will likely be starting Seneca Wallace, deserves the "better" announcing crew?  One of the drawbacks (well, one of many) of being a crappy team is getting the less than stellar announcers.  If the 49ers win this week, maybe then they can get some better announcers?

I realize this probably isn't a big deal in the end as long as the 49ers keep winning.  And yet it's still something that has begun to bug me.  Ah, the hassles of turning into a decent team!