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Golden Nuggets: Give me Sunday!!

Good morning everyone, James here with your Nuggets for the day. Apologies that I didn't get the links up yesterday, I've got really no excuse for not doing so--the best I got is that I didn't feel well and simply passed out pretty early. Either way I'm back now (but not tomorrow, hopefully Fooch has that covered because I'm out of town tonight) and I've got some links for you. There's not much "news" per se but there's a lot of looking ahead and looking back. I'm really, really anticipating the Vikings game. I wouldn't call myself optimistic but I'm not pessimistic--I have no idea how it will go, but I have a couple ways I HOPE it goes. Still, I wish it'd just be Sunday already so I can either breathe a sigh of relief or grace you fine folks with heavy usage of the phrase "site decorum" come Monday. Here's ya links.

QB Shaun Hill isn't pining for his days in Minnesota. (

The 49ers will be staying away from the ear plugs this time around, going back to the noise machine to prepare for the game against the Vikings. (

Are the Vikings the 49ers first real challenge? Could be. (

I don't care nearly enough to read this stuff anymore, but here's what looks to be a well-thought out article on Michael Crabtree. (

I'm pretty happy that Nate Clements rebounded from his bad preseason, I was worried there for a bit. (

Nice--a game between two undefeated teams. I mean, I know it's only week three but I'm excited. (

Pretty glad to see the 49ers currently have no receivers with the "diva" label, aren't you? (

Singletary stresses the evil of overconfidence. (

These current tampering charges could be some of the worst in recent years. (

Here's a 49ers Team Report, a sort of status update if you will. (