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Weekly FanPost Ideas - Trash talk and road games

In reading some of the FanPosts this week, I think we've got a few common themes that would be fun to work with each week.

First, the smack-talk thread.  Given the rivalry between the Fearless Frog and NN readers, the 49ers-Seahawks smack thread was a lot of fun.  We do so much analysis and look at cold hard facts, that it's easy to miss out on the fun random smack talk.  Our man maveric_87 started that up for this week, and I'm thinking it's something that would be worth posting every week.  I'm thinking something along the lines of an "Official 49ers-____ Smack Talk Thread."

Basically, the thread would be for folks to go in and just talk all sorts of trash (language rules do apply), but with no need to back it up if they don't want.  if you aren't into that kind of stuff it will be clearly labeled and thus you can just avoid it.  I'll even email the link to the opposing team's site so they can come in and join the trash-talking.  Do you think that would work, or do you maybe have a better idea for this?  I just think it allows for some fun harmless talk if people want to engage in something like that.  Any suggestions that might be better are welcome.

Second, 49ers road games.  One of our newest readers, Chumley223, mentioned how she was going to be traveling to various road games this season.  I think it would be great to get FanPosts from folks going to 49ers road games.  At the same time, if we have a large group of readers attending a particular road game, we don't want 15 FanPosts overloading the side column.  So, if you're going to be attending a 49ers road game this season, would you either email me at with what game you'll be attending, or post in the comments what road games you'll be attending?  That way I can get an idea of how many folks are at a given road game and maybe we can arrange something as far as putting a post or multiple posts together.