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San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings Second Quarter Thread

Th_vikings_icon_medium vs. 49ers_logo_medium

Well, that first quarter could not have been worse on offense, but definitely could have been worse on defense.  Frank Gore has gone to the locker room and Glen Coffee is now the starting running back.  Coffee has had a couple decent runs, but other than that, the offense is not looking even mediocre at this point.  The defense has stepped up to keep this close early on and if the 49ers are going to win this game, it's safe to say the defense is going to have to force some turnovers or special teams is going to have to make some big plays.  As I was typing this the Vikings had a solid punt return meaning the defense is really going to have to step up here.

Oh and in case you didn't hear it enough from the announcers: FAVRE! FAVRE! FAVRE! FAVRE!

I hate Bret Favre.