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Vikings 13 - 49ers 7: Third thread - These refs are awful

Th_vikings_icon_medium vs. 49ers_logo_medium

Initially I thought it was just the announcers that were in the tank for Brett Favre.  Oh no my friends!  Normally I won't complain too much about the officiating, but this is an absolute joke and the NFL should be embarrassed by the performance of this crew.  I think the 49ers have received the worse end of things, but the Vikings have even had a bad call mixed in.

In spite of all this, the 49ers have hung close in a game where they've lost their #1 offensive weapon.  Frank Gore went down with an ankle injury and was listed as doubtful to return.  Although the offense did manage a touchdown, they've struggled more often than not.  Fortunately the defense has stepped up for most of this game, making some big plays when needed.  If the 49ers are going to win this, the defense will have to continue to make plays, and more importantly: FORCE TURNOVERS