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Golden Nuggets: Getting over the sting of a tough loss

I'll be honest, the gut-wrenching nature of the loss has kind of worn off.  Now it's a dull annoyance that will hopefully dissipate with a butt-whuppin on the St. Louis Rams.  We've got a whole ton of links for you today and the general themes should not be all that surprising.  There's discussion of the heart-breaking nature of the loss and then there is the analysis of the team moving forward.  A lot of folks are quick to point to this as something the 49ers can build from.  We'll find out in the coming weeks.

In an unrelated note, I'd like to put out a call for a new writer.  Last season we had somebody providing some national coverage for us, but extenuating circumstances have left him too busy to come back this year.  I realize people come here primarily to fill their 49ers fix, but I also think an occasional post looking at the rest of the NFL could be of some value.  The columns ran every Friday and Monday.  The Friday column was titled "Any Given Friday" and provided a preview of the weekend's slate of games.  Each Monday the column was titled Upon Further Review.  I'm not looking for a replication of that, but I do like the idea of preview and review columns.  We're always looking to provide folks with more info about the NFL as a whole and something like this would really help us.  If you're interested, email me ( or post something in the comments and I'll get in touch with you.  On to the links....

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49ers' report card vs. Vikings (Maiocco)

Coffee not pleased with his performance (Maiocco)

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Due to the volume of links today, most of them are after the jump...

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Another Favre finish: Vikes rally past 49ers 27-24 (

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Singletary's Presser: MIN Postgame (

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Another Favre finish: Vikes rally past 49ers 27-24 (Yahoo! Sports)

Another Favre finish: Vikes rally past 49ers 27-24 (Yahoo! Sports)

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NFL Capsules (Yahoo! Sports)

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Gore could miss next two games with high ankle strain (