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49ers-Vikings and the 5-letter F-Bomb

I was in class earlier today talking to a friend of mine about the 49ers-Vikings game and specifically about the issues I (and I'd imagine most of you) had with the announcer crew.  Without getting too graphic, they basically seemed to be slobbering over the Minnesota QB (I refuse to call him by name anymore!).  My friend's response: I didn't pick up on that.

Needless to say I was a bit stunned.  We had plenty of expletives for the announcers yesterday, but I thought a more formal discussion of the announcing was in order.  Everybody has had a day to decompress and maybe can start rationally discussing it.  Of course, given how infuriating it was, maybe not.

It honestly seems like once the regular season starts, announcers have some sort of 5-letter F-bomb gene that makes them act like slobbering idiots when he's playing.  Yesterday they referred to him as having the best hard count in the game, as well as being the best final 2-minute game manager in the game.  Really?  Just like that?  They didn't even bother considering some of the other QBs in the NFL.  Even worse was every mistake was somebody else's fault.  Some of Bernard Berrian's issues were definitely his own problem, but did the QB really make no mistakes?  Because based on the announcers you'd think he played an absolutely perfect game.  It was absolutely infuriating and I still don't know how my friend was not able to pick up on the slobbering.

I recall last season's game against the Jets and the announcers were not nearly as hopped up, in large part because he had begun his second half swoon.  I have to say, I'm really looking forward to him hitting that age wall and falling apart in the second half.  Some may say playing in a dome with Adrian Peterson means it won't happen, but I think I'm entitled to that dream.

Our morning links aside, I've avoided any and all coverage of that guy so far.  Some of my regular sites are The Big Lead and Deadspin and while I have still visited, I've avoided their articles on you know who.  At the very least, we can at least thank the Detroit Lions for winning.  If not for the Lions upset of the Redskins, it would have been all about the flip-flopping QB.  Go Lions!