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Panthers Watch 2009: MNF Panthers-Cowboys Game Thread

As most folks are aware, our San Francisco 49ers currently possess the Carolina Panthers 2010 first round draft pick.  Due to that these last couple weeks I've rolled out our Panthers Watch 2009.  We might as well keep track of how the Panthers are doing since a high first round pick would be most beneficial for the 49ers.

Prior to today, the posts have been Sunday night recaps of the Panthers games (game 1 and game 2).  Today, with the Panthers facing the Cowboys on Monday Night Football, we get a chance to view our Panthers in action.  A loss to the Cowboys will drop the Panthers to 0-3 heading into their bye week.  I certainly don't think they're going to go win-less, but given their struggles, they could be in serious trouble.  Speaking of which, next week, given the Panthers bye, I think I'll post a rather quick game-by-game breakdown of the rest of their schedule.  Also, for those wondering, thanks to SaDak9er for suggesting the Pink Panther Watch.  We're working on something more permanent, but I like this for now.

As for this game, the Cowboys are definitely not a world-beater at this point.  They'll be a bit short-handed tonight with Marion Barber inactive, meaning Felix Jones starts and Tashard Choice becomes the #2 back.  For the first time in a long time I find myself rooting for the Cowboys, but I honestly think an upset could happen.  The Cowboys are a 9 point favorite, but I just don't trust them.  But we can hope for the best right?  Or at least the best for the 49ers.  I mean it's not like the Panthers inspire any more confidence.

And if you get bored, there's always the Andy Lee Drinking Game for the monstrosity that is Jerry Jones' jumbotron.  Just substitute in the Panthers for Andy Lee.