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San Francisco 49ers Injury Updates: Frank Gore, Joe Staley and Reggie Smith

While the Panthers are hopefully continuing to circle the drain (fingers crossed), we've got an injury update for you on some key 49ers.

According to a release from the 49ers PR folks, the biggest info is that Frank Gore is out for approximately three weeks.  The MRI results indicate Gore has a right ankle strain and a right hind foot sprain.  Given the 49ers upcoming schedule (Rams, Falcons, BYE), it is not remotely surprising that the 49ers will sit him out for that stretch of time.

Joe Staley also had an MRI after his knee contusion and has been classified as day-to-day.  We'll keep an eye on the injury report because I know I'm not the only one hoping we don't see Barry Sims on the field this Sunday.

The final update concerns safety Reggie Smith.  An MRI of Smith indicates he has a right groin strain and "will be re-evaluated in two weeks."  This is a poor development, although maybe that means playing time for Curtis Taylor.  What I do think it means is that if the team is going to sign Kory Sheets off of the practice squad, Curtis Taylor is not the guy who will be waived from the 53-man roster.

We'll make sure and keep you updated on all these injury updates.  Also, if you're looking to continue in our Panthers-Cowboys discussion, head on over to our Panthers Watch 2009 Game Thread.