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Golden Nuggets: Thank God for Rams and a bye week

Gooood morning, everyone, James here with your Nuggets. I've been gone for a couple days, apologies for that but I was out of town and very likely will be tomorrow morning (which reminds me I should probably email Fooch about that. Or should I just leave it like this? Keep him on his toes?) but I'm here today to give you some prime linkage. I still have yet to catch Sunday's game in its entirety, and not that you all thrive on my thrilling comments and analysis but all I really have to say about the game is "ffffffffffffffffffuu" followed by a string of [site decorum] and some other things that might even be allowed on this site because I like to think I made them up myself but am otherwise going to keep bleeped. So with that colorful summation out there, how about some links? Enjoy.

HB Frank Gore is set to miss three weeks, thankfully two of such weeks are against the Rams and a bye week. (

So how will the team fare without Gore? I don't anticipate much of an issue against St. Louis but I suppose you should never pencil in a win before a game. (

Coach Singletary wants the offense to seal the deal and be the closer--not the defense. (

Singletary is moving on from Minnesota. (

...And then hits rewind on the loss. (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

Here's "Monday's Locker Room Talk" with some notes and quotes. (

Our next opponent is pretty shaken with injuries as well--good news for the 49ers. (

There's no kill-switch for the 49ers. I'm certainly not going to let this loss bother me for long. (

The loss in the last seconds to the Vikings serve to motivate the 49ers--all but for one catch it seems. (

Vernon Davis had a pretty breakout game--I hope this trend continues. (