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49ers-Rams Fox Announcing Crew

Since the 49ers have included me on their distribution list, I get a heads-up on the announcing crew early in the week.  So, as you may have noticed last week I've decided to take a page from Mike Sando's blog, and give folks a heads-up on the crew providing insight each week.

This week, the 49ers drop from the #5 crew to the #6 crew.  They get Ron Pitts and John Lynch, with Nischelle Turner yet again providing her skills as a sideline reporter.  Apparently the 49ers simply cannot escape the grasp of Nischelle!

The one thing that jumps out this week is former safety John Lynch, who retired last year.  Coincidentally enough, when announcing Lynch's retirement, Rotoworld mentioned he could end up coaching or announcing as soon as 2009.  Has anybody had a chance to hear one of his broadcasts?  It often seems like a player falls into one of two categories when they first start announcing: absolutely awful or really impressive.

Any thoughts on Lynch so far, or expectations of him?  I know he was interviewed during his playing days but I honestly don't recall much of anything about his personality.