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SB Nation welcomes Comcast as new sponsor


Over the last few weeks I (and plenty of other folks) have been pimping out the glory that is Comcast's Red Zone channel.  At that point it was just me giving free press to something I thought was pretty cool.  Well, unbeknownst to me, SB Nation was in the midst of negotiating a sponsorship deal with Comcast and the SBN football sites to help push the Red Zone Channel.

For those that don't know about the Red Zone channel, whenever a team gets inside the 20-yard line, the channel will switch to that game, which will allow you to see basically every touchdown from every game.  Also, if nobody is in the Red Zone, they'll usually just switch to a particular game of interest and show you that action until somebody gets in the Red Zone.  Oh, and there's no commercials!  If you can't get DirecTV (something I am not allowed to have in my apartment), or if you don't want to shell out the money for the dish and pay for the NFL package, the Red Zone Channel was made for folks like us, particularly if you're outside of San Francisco's primary market as many of us are.

So, even though my love of the Red Zone channel is known, be aware that this is in fact a sponsored post from here on out.  One big plus to sponsored posts is it provides a bit of funding for prizes for our various contests.  All of that is still to be determined, but we'll come up with some decent stuff.

We (SB Nation) won’t be bombarding you with marketing messages, but we’ll remind you every once in a while about some of the great sports features available from Comcast, like Redzone.  We'll basically be using this space to probably provide info on the 49ers Red Zone performances each week, with a little plug for the Red Zone channel at the end.  With Comcast, for a little cash a month, you can get the Redzone Channel which shows all the redzone action on NFL Sunday as its happening.  For my cable package (in reality, not part of this sponsored post), I am now paying $4.99 a month for the Digital Sports Tier.  That gets me the Red Zone channel, the MLB Network, CBS College Sports, ESPNNews, ESPNU and a bunch of regional Fox Sports channels (end of my own personal plug).

This weekend on Sunday, Oct. 4th, they’ll provide Redzone for free on Comcast from 1-4 PM.  Note that the 1-4pm is LOCAL time.  So as 49ers fans if you're on the east coast this will be before the 49ers gets going.  And for pacific time zone 49er fans, this means it'll be running during the 49ers game.

Plus, they've got stuff like On Demand content from the NFL network including game recaps of every game, every week; draft profiles, player profiles, etc.

So just wanted to say thanks to Comcast for sponsoring the blog and let you guys know about some of the stuff they have for NFL fans.  After the jump, we have some more of the details regarding Comcast's sports tier.


- Recently moved all of the major sports networks to their most popular tier of service giving it to millions more people at no additional charge, and launched ESPNU.  Also offering ESPN360 to their internet customers for free.

- Comcast also has the new NFL Redzone on its Sports Entertainment Package (about $5-7)  this channel is getting a ton of buzz, and fans love it.  This weekend Comcast will offer the NFL Redzone for free to all of its 17 million digital customers.  The "free-view" will be available this Sunday, October 4 from 1 PM to 4:15 PM EST.

- This weekend,  NFL RedZone joins Comcast¹s current offering of live sports programming, as well as NFL Network, NBA TV, NHL Network, ESPNU, MLB Network, ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, TBS, Golf Channel, Speed and Versus among others on its Digital Preferred package, and will also be available to its Digital Starter customers. Comcast¹s SEP, the usual home for NFL¹s RedZone, also includes the major professional sports networks, as well as CBS College Sports, Fox College Sports, Fox Soccer, Gol TV, the Tennis Channel and other networks.

- We also have On Demand content from the NFL network whose game recaps of every game every week, draft profiles, player profiles, etc.  We also have this type of content for specific teams including the Eagles, SteelersBears, Broncos, Seahawks.