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Golden Nuggets: Last Chance to Impress

Moooorning everyone, James here with your Nuggets. It's game day, and I'm pumped. I know it's just preseason, but I'm excited nonetheless. I'm hoping to see QB Shaun Hill put out a nice, decent drive, and then I'm hoping to see Nate Davis show the same poise he's done thusfar. I don't need a monster game from him, but I'd like him to keep the good press coming. Mostly, I'm just looking forward to seeing some of the young guys and see if they can make a case for themselves. I'm hoping to be decided on our third string tight end position, and I'm hoping to see good things for either Micheal Spurlock or Dominique Zeigler. There's just a ton of question marks and hopefully a lot of questions will be answered today. On to your links.

I don't think this is news to anyone, but here's a grim reminder regardless. WR Michael Crabtree not likely to be on the field for the season opener in Arizona. (

The team is not going to wait for him, either. It's full steam ahead. (

Barrows has his own 53-man roster projection. (

WR Arnaz Battle figures to make the final roster without having to perform well tonight. (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

Tonight is the last chance for people to impress to make the roster. (

It seems there aren't many spots open. In fact, only a few are up for grabs. (

Here's a list of the players who wont be active for tonight's game. (

Baas' Training Camp Diary: Talent Show. (

The team has established its identity, and the roster is close. (

CB Dre' Bly eager to start fresh for the 49ers. Too bad, I want Tarell Brown to take his job. (

CB Nate Clements says he'll be ready for the regular season... I really hope so, because I haven't been impressed so far. (