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Golden Nuggets: Dominated?

Good morning folks, Ninjames here. Still a bit numb from the loss last night, but I'm come to terms with the fact that it was our backups' backups playing most of the game. Still, I have some question marks about some of our starters. Then again, I can't make too many judgments on the starting unit based on preseason. One thing I am excited for, however, is the roster cuts today. I mean, I'm not excited that some 700 people will be collectively losing their jobs, but I'm excited to see what the roster looks like. Will Micheal Spurlock be around for kick returning, or was the lone return from Kory Sheets enough to make us want to try him some more at the position? I just feel like Rossum may not have a whole lot left in the tank. Anyway.. I'll stop ranting and get to your links.

The 49ers will bring their roster down to 53 players later on today. (

Yep, the Niners lost to the Chargers yesterday. Pretty self-explanatory here. (

Apparently, we were dominated. This is debatable, but it makes a good point in "the 49ers first string offense did not look good." Granted we only saw one series, and without Frank Gore, but this is the fourth game now that the starting offense didn't look good. (

WR Jason Hill is upset that he's not getting enough reps. I really hope he makes the roster, I like the guy a lot, and I'll admit I've been one of those who've been kind of ignoring him as far as discussion goes, but he's a solid player and deserves to make it over Spurlock and Zeigler. Also, some notes about the other battles. (

Here's a video or some such that I didn't watch due to slowing internet connection, but it's titled "Where's Crabtree?" (

This began as a semi-inspired article, but the bit about the 49ers is something to be interested in. I agree. (

A recap of sorts, focusing mainly on the drives in the first half. (

And here's a look at the second half. (

Deion Sanders speaks for Michael Crabtree. Apparently Crabtree is willing to sit out the whole season. Hm.. I really like Prime, in fact, he and Rich Eisen are the only reason I watch the NFL Network but really, the bit where he talked about Crabtree.. he just sounded so stupid, and I'm sure he did to non-49ers fans as well. What an uninspired crock. (

Here's a recap of sorts. (

Here's a guy I hope makes it, perhaps at the expense of... Marques Harris. Road to the Roster: Diyral Briggs. (

And another one who looked solid last night.. Road to the Roster: Alex Boone. (

Here's an in depth drive-by-drive recap. (