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49ers 53-man roster final cuts

The final roster cuts have come down from the 49ers, here's a list of the players released.


T Jacob Bender

T Alex Boone

WR Dobson Collins

DE Pannel Egboh

TE Joe Jon Finley

CB Eric Green

G Kyle Howard

CB Terrail Lambert

FB Brit Miller

DT Khalif Mitchell

LB Jay Moore

TE Bear Pascoe

WR Maurice Price

FB Bill Rentmeester

LB Justin Roland

RB Kory Sheets

G/C Matt Spanos

T Joe Toledo

LB Mark Washington

WR Dominique Zeigler


Some big surprises here in Kory Sheets and both third tight ends Bear Pascoe and Joe Jon Finley. WR Dominique Zeigler seemed to seal his fate when he went down with an  injury last night. I have to wonder about Sheets and the tight ends, maybe the 49ers are just that confident that Pascoe and Sheets will not be claimed off waivers, but I have the sinking feeling that we wont be seeing Sheets in action for the 49ers again.

Offensive tackle Alex Boone also went, which is also a surprise but again, the 49ers are most likely confident in picking up a tackle off the waiver wire and Boone is likely bound for the practice squad. It seems both Eric Green and Terrail Lambert didn't show enough at the CB position to outseat Marcus Hudson and his special teams play. Lambert looked good in the game aside from a few rookie mistakes.

This also means that seventh-round picks in Ricky Jean-Francois and Curtis Taylor may have played themselves into a roster spot, this is good I like both of these kids' potential. Also, LB Diyral Briggs, anyone? I smell a good move here.

The next couple hours/days could be interesting as the waiver wire takes shape, but wow is it surprising that the 49ers waived Kory Sheets. Anybody here reminded of Thomas Clayton?