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2009 49ers practice squad taking shape

The 49ers began signing players to their practice squad today, Barrows is reporting that these players have been signed so far, will keep updated as the news comes out, keep checking back and discuss. So far:

RB Kory Sheets

OT Alex Boone

FB Brit Miller

NT Khalif Mitchell

TE J.J. Finley

WR Dominique Zeigler

WR Dobson Collins

So far, every name is to be expected. Sheets is a good sign, we may just hold on to him yet. This should satisfy some of the people clamoring for him and citing the fact that Frank or Coffee could go down to injuries. Alex Boone is a good name, along with Brit Miller these two show some promise for the future. It'll be interesting to see if Mitchell makes any noise, he was manhandling in the game at San Diego, but then again he wasn't exactly playing starters.

Update: J.J. Finley added to the list, which is.. surprising. Over Bear Pascoe, but I'll admit I didn't like much else about Pascoe save for his name and the fact that he had a bit of swagger about him. Still, a surprising decision to be sure. The team also took Dobson Collins, which isn't surprising but I don't see much in the kid, and Dominique Zeigler which is a good thing because he shows a lot of promise.

Will keep you posted as news comes out, probably from Barrows.