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Golden Nuggets: Start the Season Already

Morning, James here (who else?) with your Nuggets. The beginning of the season is picking up as the 49ers made final roster cuts and got their practice squad, for the most part, filled up. They've signed seven out of the maximum eight players to it and are reportedly interested in a veteran offensive tackle. We're just under a week away from the team's first regular season game in Arizona, and I'm looking for a ton of things in the game. Providing Diyral Briggs doesn't get cut, I'm eager to see if he'll dress for the game, and if so, what downs he plays on. I'm looking to see what our defensive line rotation looks like, and I'm looking for Adam Snyder (and the O-line as a whole) to show the team that they don't need to be looking for a replacement for Snyder. Plus oh.. about fifteen other separate things, either way I'm getting more and more anxious as the days go, but here's some links for you to browse through.

The 49ers signed seven players thus far to the practice squad. This leaves one spot open. I'm glad to see Zeigler on the list, but I'm pretty surprised we went with Finley over Pascoe. (

The team is reportedly interested in veteran offensive tackle Tony Pashos, who was recently cut by the Jaguars after not agreeing to a pay cut. The team is looking at Pashos for a backup role, at least at first. (

Over at the chronicle they have a position-by-position analysis of the team's current roster, which I have yet to read through. (

And they also have some key points that could determine the Niners' overall success this coming season. (

An (always interesting) look at Mike Singletary and his approach to coaching, motivating and probably every day talking. (

Not exactly news, but more takes on it never hurt. 49ers are determined to be well-grounded. (

Here's an interesting take on the situation. Should the 49ers insist that the league investigate Michael Crabtree and the ghost teams that have allegedly made offers to him for tampering? (