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Random 49ers odds for 2009 from

I've always been a fan of football gambling.  For those who play fantasy football, drafting an assortment of players allows you an opportunity to follow other teams during the season, thus making football as a whole that much more interesting.  Gambling on football can be similar, particularly when it comes to parlay betters and proposition bets, it can make the game oh-so-interesting.

The folks at have been kind enough to pass along some intriguing lines related to the 49ers that I thought would be interesting to pass along.  I only included the odds that included the 49ers or their players.  There was a prop bet with odds for the QB with the most passing yards this season.  Shaun Hill was not listed and I'd prefer to not bet on the field.

Team Odds
Odds to win the 2009 Super Bowl XLIV
San Francisco 49ers                              50/1
Odds to win the 2009 NFC Championship      
San Francisco 49ers                              25/1
Odds to win the NFC West Division    
San Francisco 49ers                              11/4

Regular  Season Win Total Over/Under
Over   7                          -150
Under 7                         +120

NFC West Odds
Odds to win 2009-2010 NFC West
Arizona Cardinals                                   7/5
Seattle Seahawks                                  7/4
San Francisco 49ers                              11/4
St. Louis Rams                                      10/1

Where will the San Francisco 49ers finish in the NFC West
1st                                 11/4
2nd                                2/1
3rd                                 2/1
4th                                 13/4
Where will the Arizona Cardinals Finish in the NFC West
1st                                 7/5
2nd                                7/4
3rd                                 3/1
4th                                 11/2
Where will the Seattle Seahawks finish in the NFC West
1st                                 7/4
2nd                                2/1
3rd                                 5/2
4th                                 4/1
Where will the St Louis Rams finish in the NFC West
1st                                 10/1
2nd                                9/2
3rd                                 9/5
4th                                 5/6
How Many Wildcard teams will come from the NFC West
0                                  1/3
1                                  7/4
2                                  25/1

Player Performance Odds
Total Passing Yards – Shaun Hill
Over/Under                    3000
Total TD Passes – Shaun Hill
Over/Under                    19
Total INT – Shaun Hill
Over/Under                    14.5
Total Rushing & Receiving Yards – Frank Gore
Over/Under                    1450
Total TD’s – Frank Gore
Over/Under                    8
Total Receiving Yards – Isaac Bruce
Over/Under                    750
Total TD’s – Isaac Bruce
Over/Under                    4.5
Total Receiving Yards – Vernon Davis
Over/Under                    400
Total TD’s – Vernon Davis
Over/Under                    3.5

Awards and League Leaders
Odds to win the 2009 NFL MVP
Frank Gore (SF)                                     45/1

Who will have the most Rushing Yards in the 2009 NFL Regular Season?
Adrian Peterson (MIN)                            2/1
Michael Turner (ATL)                              11/2
DeAngelo Williams (CAR)                       15/2
Matt Forte (CHI)                                     9/1
Marion Barber (DAL)                               10/1
Frank Gore (SFO)                                  10/1
Brandon Jacobs (NYG)                           10/1
Chris Johnson (TEN)                              10/1
Clinton Portis (WAS)                              10/1
Steve Slaton (HOU)                                10/1
LaDainian Tomlinson (SDG)                    10/1
Steven Jackson (STL)                             12/1
Maurice Jones-Drew (JAC)                      12/1

2009 NFL Season Associated Press Offensive Rookie of the Year
Michael Crabtree (SFO)                          16/1 (Maybe oughta take this one off the board!)
Glenn Coffee (SFO)                                30/1