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Golden Nuggets: Spencer? Alright..

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday... It really is odd, each day of the week I have a new opinion on a certain aspect of the 49ers. At one point I'll like the signing of Tony Pashos and then another I'll dislike it. I'll think we're doing pretty well on the d-line and then the next day I'll feel like we suck. Today I'm worrying about the entire secondary, and our first game really should be its biggest test. I should have a decent amount of links for you today. I'm a little burnt out on writing as I did a pretty lengthy article earlier for the magazine/site I write for, and I'm now noticing how differently I write for that than I do on here. Of course, they encourage swearing so.. maybe if I incorporate a little bit of that in the Nuggets.. Well, we'll see what happens. Come Monday I may have a few choice expletives for our secondary.. or more hopefully, kind words. Moving on, however...

Big news today, CB Shawntae Spencer wins the battle for starting right corner. I have to wonder if it's because he was dominant, or if the other two (Brown and Bly) just made too many mistakes or didn't play well. Either way, whoever lines up as the nickel back should get significant time against Arizona as they'll field at least three receivers a good portion of the time. (

A nice little article about Mike Singletary, and what he hopes to accomplish with this team. All around a good read. (

The Niners now seems to have a competent backup at the tackle position, in case you missed it the team bolstered that position with Tony Pashos. (

What should our outlook be for the 2009 season? I'm pretty much schizophrenic when it comes to this so I'll back out of this argument. (

Is it possible that the team will run 60 percent of the time? It seems like a rather high ratio to me.. I suppose the 49ers would have to be playing with the lead for a long while to attain this. (

Meet your 2009 San Francisco 49ers--a nice little photo. Ain't that cute. (

So do you think the signing of Pashos was a good idea? I'm all for it, personally. (

How the Cards Stack Up--a look at our week one opponents and division rivals, the Arizona Cardinals. (