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Niners Nation Fantasy Leagues - Update

My apologies to everybody for the hiccups we've had in establishing our fantasy football leagues this season.  I believe three of them have been moving along, albeit a bit slowly.

I wanted to post this to let folks that we do have 2 leagues with some spots open that I want to throw open for people to join.  If you're interested in joining, head to Fleaflicker and click on "Join a League."  At the next page click on "Browse all Leagues."  On the filters, de-click the "show only public leagues" because ours are private leagues.  The league names are Niners Nation League 4 and Niners Nation 5 (without the word league in it).  The password for both leagues is 49ers.  Please only join ONE of the leagues and ONLY if you're not in one of the other leagues.

After you've done the search the league will appear towards the bottom of the screen.

Niners Nation League 4:  This league currently has two open spots.

Niners Nation 5: This league currently has six spots open, but if we get enough interest I might expand it beyond 12 teams.

So, head on over and join up if you want to compete in a little friendly fantasy football.