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Niners Nation 6 set up and open for members



League Name: Niners Nation 7
Password: 49ers

Draft scheduled for Saturday 6:45pm

Due to the overwhelming demand I've set up a 6th league for Niners Nation.  The league name is Niners Nation 6.  if you're interested in joining, the password is 49ers.  It's currently a 12-team league, but we can always expand if there is enough interest.  The draft is scheduled for 6:30pm Friday the 11th.  Given how close we are to the beginning of the season, if you can't make the live draft, just set up your auto-draft.  Here are the directions I posted in our previous thread about this:

If you're interested in joining, head to Fleaflicker and click on "Join a League."  At the next page click on "Browse all Leagues."  On the filters, de-click the "show only public leagues" because ours are private leagues.  The league name is Niners Nation 6 (without the word league in it).  The password for leagues is 49ers.  Please only join the league if you're not in one of the other leagues.

After you've done the search the league will appear towards the bottom of the screen.

Right now I'm in the league as commissioner.  I'm happy to stick in the league as commish, but if somebody else wants to take over as commissioner, you're more than welcome and I'll leave the league to open up a spot for somebody else.

So, go ahead and join the league so we can get it filled up by Friday.